3 men arrested in Toledo for impersonating cops

Posted by LS

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo police have arrested three men who impersonated police officers. According to police, the men unknowingly approached undercover vice cops, who then arrested the three.

19-year-old George Garufos, 21-year-old Christopher Dile and 22-year-old Anthony Lanting are facing charges of impersonating a police officer.

Toledo police are also investigating three men who dubbed themselves the 'east side cops' on YouTube. One clip shows the young men surrounding a woman on the ground asking if she has drugs. The police are investigating a connection between the two incidents.

A Toledo man that some claim videotaped the cop impersonating for YouTube is speaking out. On the Trey Neff morning radio show Tuesday, Larry Lanting responded. Lanting has not been charged, but he says people have pointed the finger at him.