UPDATED--Toledo TV personality arrested in east Toledo

Posted by LS - email

UPDATE: According to police reports, Mike Morrison was at Navy Bistro Restaurant when an officer said he saw him urinating on a DJ company's van.

Police say the officer told Morrison to stop and to show identification. Morrison refused. The officer says Morrison started wrestling with him. When the officer tried to handcuff him, Morrison tore the officer's uniform shirt and shoe.

The Fox weather man now faces a public indecency charge as well as resisting arrest and intoxication. The station is not commenting on the arrest at this time.

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - A local television personality is in trouble. 41-year-old Mike Morrison was arrested Sunday morning in east Toledo.

According to police reports, Morrison faces three misdemeanor charges including public indecency, resisting arrest and intoxication.

Morrison is the chief meteorologist on WUPW-TV's Fox Toledo News.

WUPW is not commenting on the arrest at this time.