Murdered Toledo bicyclist case on America's Most Wanted site

David Babcock
David Babcock
Posted by LS

TOLEDO (WTOL) - David Babcock was shot to death while riding his bicycle to work this week.

News 11 brought this to you as breaking news within 1 hour of the shooting. You can read the original article: Toledo man fatally shot while riding bike to work.

Now, his case is being profiled on the web site of America's Most Wanted.

Toledo police reported to America's Most Wanted (AMW) that when the responding officers arrived on scene, they found David alive. Though he had been shot in the mouth at close range, he still had a pulse when they rushed him to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Medical personnel there pronounced David dead upon arrival.

Based upon the information witnesses have told police, there is very little for cops to go on. Due to the 6 a.m. time of the crime, there was very little natural light.

Toledo police tell AMW that the shooter is believed to be a black male, approximately 6' to 6'6" tall, and he may have been wearing a black sweat suit. Witnesses say they saw him running across Western Ave. towards South Ave. right after the shooting.

If you have any information on this murder, you can contact Toledo police.