UPDATED: City workers caught on tape stealing have been fired

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UPDATE: News 11 had the pictures. Now two Toledo city workers have been fired after they were caught stealing siding from a vacant home.

The city employees are Charles Weidinger and Issiah Scott. Weidinger is a former city worker who left following an accident.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner saw our exclusive photos Wednesday night on News 11. "H

e was dismissed," Finkbeiner says, "and there's not any excuse for him being brought back. Shame on the temporary agency that recommended he be hired."

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TOLEDO -- At first, she was relieved: City workers had finally arrived to clean up the vacant property at 1118 Utah St., long an eyesore in her east Toledo neighborhood.

The house has been vacant more than a year, she says, and she'd called the city numerous times to complain about its upkeep. So she was pleased when two men in a city van actually showed up to cut the grass.

But when the men started ripping off the house's siding, she was shocked, she says.

"The gentleman told me the city owned the house and that they were going to cut some grass," the woman said. She says a black man starting cutting the grass in front, and a white man was out back.

"All of a sudden I just happened to look out and saw the white gentleman start pulling the siding off the house," she said.

She then saw the white man carrying the siding to the alley to put it in the van. She says the black man then came to the back with a mower and that when the mower stopped, she went to look again.

"I seen them start pulling more and more siding off the house. Why should they be able to tear it apart? I decided to start snapping pictures."

The woman got a total of 22 pictures, including one of the license plate of the van. Each picture has a time stamp and date.

When asked about the situation, the City of Toledo released this statement: "We don't condone these kinds of activities. We will investigate and take the appropriate action."

The spokesperson also says taking the siding off of a house is not something a grass cutting crew would normally do for the city, that a demolition crew usually does that.

The woman who took the pictures says she's disgusted.

"We're building everything up downtown, but our neighborhoods are getting destroyed by the people who are supposed to be fixing stuff up," she said.