UPDATED--Toledo man fatally shot while riding bike to work

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police say 46-year-old David Babcock died this morning at St. Vincent-Mercy Medical Center after he was shot in the head during an argument with an apparent stranger. It was the city's tenth murder this year.

The incident happened just before 6 a.m. in the city's south end on Western, near the Anthony Wayne Trail. His co-workers say Babcock was on his way to work, that he'd wanted to start riding his bike to save money on gas.

Babcock's family and friends say they are too distraught to talk on camera and can't believe the man they loved -- a father and grandfather, engaged to be married -- is gone.

"He'd do anything for ya. Give you the shirt off his back. I just can't understand why someone would do this. It's horrible," said one of Babcock's longtime neighbors.
Babcock had just gotten a new bike and had added flashing lights and radio speakers to it.
"He loved his bike, worked on it, worked on it and worked on it," the neighbor said. 
Babcock's fiance said the bike was a source of pride to him.
"He was so proud of it and he couldn't wait to ride it to work. It was his first day of riding it to work so he could save money on gas," Babcock's fiance said.
Babcock had planned to ride from his east Toledo home to Fresh Products in south Toledo where he'd worked for 26 years. Police say he was gunned down after an argument on Western, near the Trail.
"From what the witnesses said, it didn't sound like 'Give me your money' type of argument," said Toledo Police Captain Ray Carroll. "It was name-calling going back and forth. It got pretty heated, enough to wake some people up."
Police say the suspect -- a tall black man -- ran away after shooting Babcock.

"I'm devastated for the family," said Theresa Morrow, who heard the shot. "I feel sorrow for them because this should not have happened. For an honest man to do an honest day's work and going to do that honest day's work gets gunned down. There's no reason."

Babcock's longtime neighbor said Babcock had gone through difficult times.
"He had brain surgery done. We sat and watched him get through that and chemo. And he came back and made it through all of that and then this happens. And that's wrong. That's wrong."
Police say they are investigating but have no suspects at this time.
News 11 and WTOL.com will provide more information as it comes in.