Ad campaign presses candidates on education

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

WASHINGTON (AP) - An education-advocacy group plans to begin airing television ads this week in an effort to raise education as an issue in the presidential campaign.

The nonpartisan group, Strong American Schools, is shelling out $5 million to pay for broadcast, print and online ads in seven states starting tomorrow. The TV ad features a boy who runs a line of international flags up a flagpole with the Stars and Stripes at the bottom. The narrator intones: "If jobs move to countries like Finland and South Korea, our children's opportunities dry up and so does our economy."

The group is trying to underscore the importance of improving the standing of U.S. schools in comparison with other industrialized nations.

Republican John McCain wants to change President Bush's signature No Child Left Behind education law, but not scrap it.

Democrat Barack Obama wants to provide more money to implement the law.

The Associated Press contributed this report.