Skeeter problem brings out the big guns

Reported by Tim Miller

Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- Summer storms seem to have issued an invitation to mosquitoes to go forth and multiply. As if to confirm that fact, at least 200 people a day are calling the Toledo Area Sanitary District for help.

In response, the district is spraying down an area between Reynolds Rd. to the west and Jackman Rd. to the east. This time next week, they expect to be receiving at least 400 calls a day.

News 11's Tim Miller went out Wednesday to an area along Crissey Rd. in Springfield Township, which is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. He also visited the home of Greg Leidig, who lives in a neighborhood off Bancroft.

"We are actually using citronella candles now in the evenings when we sit out on our front porch because there is so much more activity with them," Leidig says.

Jeff Neeld, fogging supervisor for the district, explains how mosquitoes proliferate.

"It usually takes seven days from when they hatch out from their eggs until they start flying and then we take care of them there," says Neeld, who predicts the situation is going to get "real bad."

The Toledo Area Sanitary District has lots of tips to keep mosquitoes at bay.

  • Dispose of open containers around your home.
  • Empty your birdbaths and fill with fresh water once a week.
  • Clean out clogged roof gutters.
  • Cover your trash containers so rainwater can't accumulate.