Teen goes missing in Maumee; Florida helps find her

Reported by Jonathan Walsh

Posted by Kate Oatis

MAUMEE -- The Maumee Police Dept. needed help Wednesday locating a 13-year-old girl from Monroe. She went missing from the 1600 block of Indianwood Circle where she was to receive treatment.

So, the officers pulled out their most effective tool: the "A Child is Missing" organization based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Sure enough, after the call was made, hundreds of people all over this area were notified and sprang into action.

Indeed, phones in and around Maumee were ringing off the hook.

"Nineteen-hundred phone calls were made in a one-mile radius of the location where the young lady went missing," said Maumee Police Sgt. T.J. Stratton.

Police eventually found the girl at Hickory Point. It was the first time Maumee police had used the system.

The Northwood Police Dept. has, on the other hand, used the system several times.

"Those mighty computers really came to our aid today, and to think they came from Florida, not even known to the Toledo area," said Capt. Trent Schroeder, with the Northwood Police Dept. "We've used it on numerous occasions, and it's worked to our benefit every time we've called."

In fact, the organization's web site lists Northwood as having found a missing boy back in January.

"About 34 minutes after the call was placed, sure enough, that child was found by a person who received that call," Schroeder said.

The Northwood Police Dept. recently used the service to find an elderly Alzheimer's patient who walked away from a McDonald's.

"To know that it's totally free with no questions... It's just wonderful knowing there are people out there doing the right thing for the right reasons," Stratton said.