WTOL Editorial: Your response to Scott High School editorial

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon
WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

My editorial on the problems facing the students of Scott High School sparked the ire of some viewers. Here's a look at some of the emails I received.

Jay is really unhappy with me. He writes: "I can't believe how close-minded you are. To tear down Scott and replace it with something that will most likely be outdated and an eyesore within 20 years is ridiculous. ... Scott is a classic design, it fits with the Old West End."

Vane concludes that I have somehow insulted the community: "These issues should have been dealt with long before now. Year after year Scott has been over-looked, allowed to fall into ruins. If Scott were part of your community you would be singing a different tune."

Cindy has a different opinion: "... I think we need to move into the future not stay in the past.  The important thing is the students. Let's give the students a safe, healthy and up-to-date school to learn in."

For the record, I didn't say it -- and I know Superintendent John Foley never said to tear down Scott High School. I did say the students are being shortchanged because no solution has been proposed for this problem.

A new school would cost about $25 million plus the price of the land. The cost of renovating the entire school is about $40 million. The state requires a complete renovation if state funding is used.

If Scott is partially renovated -- which some people suggest -- the cost could come down. But a partial renovation is not supported by the state.

This means it would have to be done with private funds, which seems unlikely. Or a bond would have to be passed.

There is no easy or quick or guaranteed solution. Thanks for watching and thanks for writing in.