EcoTrack 11: Area farm committed to sustainable agriculture

In this EcoTrack 11 report, meteorologist James Canterbury meets with visiting chefs who recently visited The Chef's Garden in Huron, Oh.

Bob Jones, co-owner of The Chef's Garden in Huron, Oh., for more than 20 years, has been growing produce using sustainable agriculture. That means plants aren't necessarily the biggest star down on this farm.

"In a sustainable growing method, we're actually growing soils more than we are plants, Jones says.

They use organic compost to naturally energize and recharge the soil.

"We use wheat straw, oat straw, corn cobs, wood chips and then the green chop," Jones says.

Without this process, the produce wouldn't have the same flavor that chefs from all over the country crave for their dishes.

Chefs and restaurant owners call Chef's Garden and in 24 hours the produce moves from the field, to the box, to their plate. And sometimes the chefs come visit the farm.

Chefs from the Ritz-Carleton in Washington D.C., for example, recently met with farmers to discuss new ideas for flavors that can be grown to their specific seasonal menus.

"We're farming soils and creating a very healthy, nutrient balanced and biologically active soil so that no matter what plant we grow in it, it's going to thrive," Jones explains.

It appears to be working, notes Canterbury.