Toledo man shot in robbery attempt on Monroe St.

Reported by Lisa Rantala
Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- A Toledo man is in fair condition in the hospital after getting shot outside of work Monday morning. It happened around 9 a.m. outside the Famous Dave's restaurant on the 4700 block of Monroe in west Toledo.

Police say the incident started as a robbery attempt. Jeff Randall, 28, was going to make a morning bank deposit when he was met in the parking lot by someone waiting for him with a gun.

Randall was already in his car when police say he gunned it across the street. They say the suspect shot several times but struck Randall only in the forearm.

Randall called 9-1-1 once the suspect ran off.

Police say many businesses wait to make their bank deposits in the morning since it's less riskier than at night. They say the suspect anticipated this and planned out his crime.