What's next for the people who lost everything

Reported by Colleen Wells - bio | email
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO (WTOL) -- It is a nightmarish scene as bright flames jump from one apartment building, to another.

With daylight comes the opportunity to take in the devastation. Firefighters continue to douse the buildings, which are now missing entire walls. Piles of ruble, charred cars and wrecking equipment fill the Hunter's Ridge complex.

Resident Nick Vince walks the area, calling friends and shaking his head in disbelief.

"I'd say its surreal, its somber. You gotta look at it two spectrums, I'm happy to be alive, glad to be out of here, but at the same gist, I have to start from the bottom up," says Vince.

And Nick is not alone. More than a hundred residents are displaced and looking for help.

"I have nothing, so I'm seeing what they have to offer, clothes, anything they have to offer."

Fire victim Danette Gilling walks into the old Bowsher High School where the American Red Cross has set up shop offering clothing, money cards, and a place to rest.

More than 40 families have registered for aid and about a dozen plan to stay here.

"They never thought it would happen to them, here they are, left for 45 minutes to go to the store, and they come back, and everything is gone," says Kathy McVicker of the American Red Cross.

But victims like Nick say despite all of this devastation, the one thing that really matters, is still ok. That is their safety.

As they begin to pick up the pieces, some are calling it the miracle of this nightmare. The good news they're clinging to  as they begin to pick up the pieces.