Thousands celebrate Independence Day in downtown Toledo

Reported by Jonathan Walsh - bio | email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) -- Tens of thousands packed downtown Toledo to celebrate Independence Day with food, fun, and fireworks.

It was called Red, White and Kaboom and the show exploded with cheers from the crowd around Promenade Park.

It was quite a show and quite a day. The event featured all kinds of food with Taste Toledo, music as bands played well into the night and of course the main attraction, the fireworks display.

News 11's Jonathan Walsh went in search of the best seat in the house for July 4th's big show.

In the sea of seats surrounding Promenade Park, who would have the best vantage point?

Clearly it wouldn't be the guys working the beer lines. There's nothing but tent above them and they even admitted their view wouldn't be great.

Beer Guy Keith Minor says, "No, actually the best seat in the house is as close to the water as you can get...and you can hear the fireworks echo off the water."

So News 11 headed to the river where plenty of boats picked their places, including one complete with a huge deck. Is this the best place to watch?

"It's a good one. There are several best spots here but it will be a good one," says Boat Owner Robert McBroom.

There were people planted on ledges, little bellies on blankets, kids in Moms' laps, kids in kids laps, or how about men on horses backs.

Toledo Police Department Sgt. Ronald Parton says, "Oh, it's 9 foot tall. Sees the crowd real well. Sees the parking lots real well. See the concert, Taste of Toledo. It's a good seat."

Some went uphill hoping to have the right sight line and others had seats in line.

Who would be crowned seat champion?

Pretty much everyone. There wasn't a bad seat to be found.

The fireworks may be over, but that doesn't mean the holiday fun is.

Taste Toledo continues tomorrow.

Organizers say the festival features vendors from 18 restaurants including City Q Barbecue and Fat Fish Blue, coming soon to Levis Commons.

The battle of the bands will provide the live entertainment.

Taste Toledo goes from noon to dusk Saturday.

Admission is free, but you do have to pay for food.