WTOL Editorial: Let's not shortchange Scott students

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon
WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

The students who attend Scott High School are getting shortchanged.

They have been left behind by a school board that has been unduly influenced by a few community activists. While new high schools greet the students at Bowsher, Start and Rogers, Scott students will walk into a school that was built in 1911.

It's twice as large as it needs to be and lacks most of the educational tools that are built into a modern school. It's filled with asbestos and is not handicapped accessible.

A new school of the right size that is designed to deliver an innovative curriculum makes a lot of sense. Yet, that is being traded, essentially for a facade.

I don't get it. How is clinging to a faded past more important than building a brighter future? If the people who want this building saved really care, then they can buy it for just about nothing and pay the cost to put it to a different use.

I'm sure the school board would be happy to unload it.