Point Place residents in a lather over trash pickup

Reported by Shelley Brown
Posted by Kate Oatis

POINT PLACE -- Point Place residents along 291st St. are concerned about trash pickup in their community, reports News 11's Shelley Brown. The problem is, several garbage cans have been left untouched for the past two weeks, though garbage pickup is supposed to be every Monday.

"It's nasty. It's garbage. It needs picked up," complained resident Jill Brewer.

"She had it set there all week, and we know the temperature that it was. So sorry, but the smell was pretty bad. I want an explanation. It's full of bugs, full of maggots and flies," said resident Catherine Balduf.

Residents also complain that trash crews are leaving a mess behind after they do pick up the trash. They say this has been going on since winter.

"And it's dirty, just really dirty. And for Point Place, you know we have pride in our community and having this, it's not a good image," said Balduf.

These neighbors say they've made several calls to the City of Toledo helpline, but so far, have had anything but help.

"They were so busy being rude and irritated with my phone call to the complaint line," Brewer said.

The city's Commissioner of Solid Waste says trash cans can be 35 gal. or less, and they can have lids, but that they must be unattached. Residents say they've been told trash crews sometimes follow the rules and sometimes do not.