Toledo's Acme Power Plant to get an overhaul

Reported by Rob Wiercinski
Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- Many downtown Toledo workers see it every day, sitting prettily along the banks of the Maumee River. Now, the City of Toledo has taken another step toward pumping new life into the former Acme Power Plant, located along Front St. in east Toledo, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner annnounced on Tuesday.

The next phase for the effort is asbestos removal in both the west wing of the complex and a section referred to as "Boiler 16." That'll happen this summer, and then those two sections will be torn down between November and April.

The effort is being paid through a $3 million Clean Ohio grant, which required a $1 million match from the city. This phase of environmental work continues the effort, which began when the city took control of the building back in 2003.

"About 150 transformers have been removed from the facility, 700 lbs. of mercury have been removed, and probably 200 to 300 thousand linear ft. of asbestos -- altogether about a million dollars worth of work," says Bill Burkett, Burkett Hull and Associates.

The mayor also said the city will try to obtain another $3 million state grant to complete the effort at Acme. He also said he's open to all ideas for how the building will be used, including residential, commercial and retail.