Toledo woman returns home to find police killed her dog

Report by Shelley Brown
Posted by LS

EAST TOLEDO (WTOL) - A family's dog was shot and killed inside their own home. They say a Toledo police officer is to blame.

It happened Thursday afternoon in the 400 block of Starr Ave. in east Toledo. The family returned home to bullet holes and a house full of blood. Their dog is dead, and they're desperate for answers.

Daleleen Ridgely lives with her sister, Ashley. She tells News 11, "They came in and shot my dog. They just opened the door and shot. Then they took him with them."

Ashley tells us, "The blood was everywhere. I thought maybe, you know, I thought somebody was still in the house. I grabbed the kids, and I ran out because I didn't know what was going on."

A police report shows officers were attempting to serve two outstanding felony warrants and one misdemeanor warrant for Ridgeley's ex-boyfriend.

You can see the full report including interviews with the sisters and the neighbor in the featured video. However, we want to warn you that some of the video filmed after the shooting is disturbing.