EcoTrack 11: Local nature camp scores with kids

School is out and parents are thinking about which summer camps would be right for the kids.

Before you shell out the big bucks for far away facilities, News 11's James Canterbury shows us a local nature camp in this EcoTack 11 report.

Toledo Metroparks is running volunteers for their high school nature camp through the same activities their elementary school campers will be enjoying. Activities like playing hide and seek with wooly worms. Nature Camp Coordinator Nicole Davis tells News 11, "Children react better to people that are closer to their age. That's why we have high school volunteers come in . Not only to teach them to lead and to teach the children safety and respect, but just to build interaction and leadership skills."

The counselors aren't they only ones doing the learning.  Campers are going to learn about habitats and why they are important -- both natural and man-made.

And that's just the beginning. Campers will go hiking on nature trails, learn how to care for wildlife and search for ground-nesting birds. This has made nature camp a very popular place to be.

The PR director for Toledo Metroparks, Scott Carpenter, tells us, "We added two opening slots to 30. Then we still had a huge waiting list, so we added a seventh session. Plus we have family camp on July 2, which isn't filled yet."

The focus of nature camp will be on conserving local resources and wildlife. Carpenter says, "While they know about problems in the rain forest half way around the globe, the may not realize what's happening with disappearing wetlands right here in their own backyard. So when they get back to their lessons in school, we hope that connects the dots for them because they've been here and have seen it, touched it, smelled it."