Pam from Toledo's 15 money-saving tips

Posted by LS

As part of our Feeling the Pinch series, News 11 asks viewers to share your money-saving tips. Pam from Toledo sent her list of top 15 tips. Read all the viewer tips.

1. Use rain barrels to water your plants/gardens.

2. You can reuse a fabric softener sheet at least twice.

3. Put more one than one load of laundry in the dryer.

4. Use the old clothes line to air dry clothes.

5. Use your place of employment or local credit union for discounts. I was able to get 25% off my cell phone bill because of where I work. My local credit union also has deals on local items.

6. Take your lunch to work. No need to run around on your lunch hour.

7. Find people who might work in the same vicinity and car pool. I go in to work with a colleague and my husband gets off work and we go home together.

8. On weekends we leave one car in the garage and use the one that gets the best fuel mileage.

9.  We now cut our lawn every other week instead of every week.  (gets a little long but not out of control)

10.  Instead of throwing out those plastic bottles from water, juice, etc... fill them up with water and keep cold for later uses.

11.  Why eat off of paper plates??? That bill alone with paper plates will add up. Wash your plates.

12.  If you can, wash your car at home.  Paying $5.00 at least every other week adds up.

13. If you can pay bills on line, it will save stamps and gas. Or pay at the local store (Kohl's, JcP, cable, cell phone, etc.)

14.  Take advantage of local events, Toledo speedway, Mud Hens, local festivals, wonderful parks.

15.  If you don't want to use gas or pay a lot to see a movie, you can stay at home and order a movie for $2.99 on demand. Fix your own popcorn and munchies and make it a night.