Bids being awarded for work on downtown arena

Reported by Rob Wiercinski
Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- Another big step is being taken in the construction of Toledo's new downtown arena.

Lucas County is now in the process of awarding bids for over $40 million worth of work that needs to be done, reports News 11's Rob Wiercinski. Today, 14 bids submitted by various contractors are being opened for what's called the "Core and Shell" portion of the arena project.

Those bids are expected to be awarded by the commissioners on July 8.

Here are just a few of the bids we're talking about: electrical work estimated at nearly $10 million, heating and air mechanical work estimated at $9.7 million, masonry projected at $4.5 million and roofing work estimated at around $1.4 million.

Every bid received by the county will go under the microscope.

"We'll see who is low and has the best bid and has all of the things that are needed and what we're looking for as part of the bid and then we'll interview those low bidders," says Joe Zunk, Lathrop superintendent.

Much of the work will begin as soon as the bids are awarded.

The county and Lathrop will soon announce a partnership with OSHA to try to make sure the work environment is as safe as possible.