Can somebody puhleeeeeez clean up this mess?

Reported by Mika Highsmith
Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- Cripes, as if we haven't heard enough stories about abandoned properties and the headaches they're causing people all over the city. Brace yourselves -- here's another.

Joe Losek takes care of his property. But, like the rest of us, he's tired of those who don't.

"I cut the grass, don't want no fines, do what I can," he says. But why does he bother when  he's forced to look at an eyesore just steps away from his property?

That eyesore is an abandoned house with grass and weeds just as tall as Losek and a dead rat on the porch that's "been there for three or four days."

The grass isn't any greener across the street. It's so thick there's no telling what's in it and with smashed windows and an open door, neighbors worry about what kind of activity might be taking place inside.

It was enough to make Losek contact Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith.

"Somebody is going to burn it down and then the whole neighborhood's in trouble," Losek says.

Losek claims he and others have been calling the city to complain about the property.

Mika called the city they told her they haven't received any complaints for either of the addresses. But they're going to send an inspector out to issue orders to the owners.

The owners will then have 72 hours to comply. If they don't, the city will step in and take care of the problem themselves.

Call the city at 419-936-2020 if you see an abandoned property that is causing problems.