Dog warden seizes 6 pit bulls during drug raid

Reported by Colleen Wells
Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- A drug raid turned into a pit bull raid Tuesday afternoon around 2:30 in the 800 block of Nebraska, in central Toledo, reports News 11's Colleen Wells.

Here's a little background information: A new law in the city of Toledo relating to pit bulls states the dog warden can take your pit bull if you have more than one or if you have not muzzled it while out walking.

That law is what gave Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon the authority to remove six pit bulls during the raid on Tuesday. In fact, Skeldon's office is seizing pit bulls at a record pace this year, having already taken more than 650.

Skeldon says that number is OK.

"I do what I am allowed to do by law. If a law is on the books, then I'm supposed to enforce it. And I will enforce it vigorously," Skeldon says.

The new law states that pit bull owners must pay to have their dogs spayed or neutered before getting the dogs back, which isn't going over well with some owners.

"They're not going to neuter my dog. I'm not going to stand still for it," says Joe Boyd. "If a pit bull is picked up, why neuter it, and why spay it? Why not all the other dogs that they do that to?"

Skeldon says the new law will keep Toledo's streets safer by slowing the breeding of pit bulls.