'We're also victims of this guy,' folks say about Michael Coon

Reported by Lisa Rantala
Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- A day after News 11 broke the story of a man accused of threatening a University of Toledo trustee, more people have come forward saying they have also been victims of harassment by the accused.

All those targeted had written editorials in our local paper, reports News 11's Lisa Rantala. One woman says she changed her phone number two years ago because of the calls she received from the suspect. When her husband wrote an opinion in April, however, she says the suspect found their number and harassed them again.

"I thought this was America where you could voice your views and not have to be afraid," says Molly Stuller. "I wrote several articles on Tom Noe and the Republican Party," which, she says provoked abusive phone calls from Toledo businessman Michael Coon.

"He said, 'Death to the anti Jihadist bitch.' And I assume he meant me," Stuller says.

Coon faced a judge Monday for three counts of ethnic intimidation. Detectives say he threatened Dr. Amjad Hussain in emails, telling Hussain that he deserved to be attacked in a home invasion last month and that killing "throat cutting Islamists" would be as fun as a turkey shoot and that Hussain was in Coon's sights.

Coon talked with us, not on camera, denying any threats and saying all his comments are within his First Amendment rights.

Detectives have heard from three more people who claim Coon contacted them after their opinions were published.

Stuller is thinking about filing her own civil suit and has already called the Better Business Bureau because, she says, Coon made the harassing calls from his office.