Toledo man facing felony charges for 'hate crime,' police say

Reported by Lisa Rantala
Posted by Kate Oatis

TOLEDO -- A Toledo man is facing felony charges after deputies say he threatened a University of Toledo trustee who was brutally attacked in his own home last month.

The three felony charges involve ethnic intimidation, and they're coming out of Maumee Municipal Court, reports News 11's Lisa Rantala. Detectives say the case will soon go before a Grand Jury at the Lucas County Courthouse.

Michael Coon faced a judge on Monday. Authorities say Coon has sent Dr. Amjad Hussain eight hate emails since a year ago January. They say the emails contain derogatory statements about Hussain's religion and accuse Hussain of supporting terrorism. The most recent email says Hussain deserved the brutal attack.

Last month, three men broke into Hussain's home and maced and pistol-whipped him, police say. Detectives say they do not believe Coon played a role in the attack, but they do say Coon's emails to Hussain continued.

The reason police acted on the emails at this point is that "the emails were escalating and we felt we needed to shut it down," says Detective Mark Woodruff. "It's gone on far enough."

The judge gave Coon two weeks to get his own attorney. Coon may not have any contact with Hussain.