EcoTrack 11: Worm aids in composting indoors

When you think composting, you probably think of an outdoor leaf pile.

Now people are composting indoors with the help of a special little worm.

News 11's James Canterbury digs up this EcoTrack 11 report.

The thought of a compost bin in your house might have you saying, "That's gross! It's gonna smell! There's going to be bugs filling up my house... but that's not the case if you do it correctly, says Conservation Coordinator Candee Ellsworth.

To do it correctly, start with a sturdy plastic bin and poke some air holes in it. Throw some dirt, sand, shredded newspaper, and water in there... and finally red wiggler worms.

Ellsworth says, "These are not the regular earthworms that you would get to go fishing or dig up in your backyard."

You can get red wigglers at your local pet shop. After they are in, start adding your organic waste like fruit and veggies, bread, coffee grounds, and paper products.

"You wanna make sure that it's all covered up. That's going to reduce any smell," Ellsworth tells us.

Keep enough water in the bin to keep it moist. After a few days, "dig up the center. Do the same thing. Cover that up and then move to the next third."

In a few months, what you've got is digested organic matter, otherwise known as worm poo. Take the worms out and you've got fertilizer.

The benefits of composting don't stop at what you can give your garden or lawn

"If you were to separate your organic waste from your garbage, you really wouldn't have a lot of garbage going into a landfill."

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