North Toledo neighbors worried about illegal, dangerous activity

Reported by Rob Wiercinski - bio | email

Posted by Nick Dutton - Internet Producer

TOLEDO (WTOL) -- As the weather heats up, so does an illegal and dangerous activity, people opening fire hydrants.

News 11's Rob Wiercinski spoke with some neighbors in North Toledo who are deeply worried something serious will happen soon.

There's plenty of evidence showing this hydrant gets opened at the corner of Erie and Mulberry.  Waterlogged grass, a deep hole by the curb, as well as wear and tear on the plug. Those who live nearby say there's often an extreme water hazard, when children cool off in the middle of a busy street corner.

A worried neighbor says, "I don't want to see nobody's kid laying on the ground toe-up because they got ran over because of this fire hydrant."

Neighbors claim the city is slow to respond when the hydrant is opened, and they're worried about how it affects their water pressure.

Resident Teela Byrd says, "No pressure at all, we don't have any pressure and on the inside the water don't run at all."

"This is our safety line. If there's no water then our house burns down, if our house burns down then we're homeless," says another neighbor.

They're frustrated because there are cheap and safe alternatives to opening up a fire hydrant.

"Some hose, some sprinklers or something, get a slip and slide," says Byrd.

They're also frustrated because they believe the city could put an end to their worries once and for all.

"And they could put a lock on there. I'd rather for them to lock it for 10 dollars then have to bury a child."

These neighbors are concerned about a number of dangerous scenarios playing out because of this hydrant.