UPDATE--Delta building collapses

DELTA -- News 11 received a call at 6 p.m. on Thursday from a motorist who said he was stopped near the Delta Antique Market at 301 Main St. when the west side of the building collapsed.

The caller, Jaycee Riley, said a plume of smoke suddenly blew into the intersection. When he looked over, the west side of the building had collapsed.

Reporter Jonathan Walsh went out to the scene to find out what happened. As it turned out, no one was injured.

Delta resident Mabel Hudson said she heard a "big loud noise," and that when she went into a restaurant to tell people what was going on, "they just looked at me."

The building's owners, Eldon and Fran Hartzell, showed up to watch what was happening to their building. Later in the day, the building was torn down.

One antiques dealer said she was going to wait to see what the owners decided to do because "they've been very good to me."

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