Weigh In To Win: A trip down memory lane

This week our Weigh In To Win team members are taking part in a history lesson. News 11's Melissa Voetsch shows us it's a past they are all hoping to forget.

It's a great way to stay motivated when you're in the middle of a long weight loss program. A not-so-gentle reminder of what you used to be carrying around.

Our team members are carrying the pounds on their backs -- a backpack with sand weighing only half of the weigh they've lost.

Jennifer's pack is stuffed with 17 pounds of sand, half of her 35-pound weight loss. She tells us, "It feels like a small child. I want to throw it over the railing over there."

No tossing. The challenge is to carry the weight for an hour.

For Rodney, that's 18 pounds. It's a vivid reminder of his life before his 36-pound weight loss. He says, "I wasn't even able to climb some stairs -- maybe to the third or fourth floor -- without being out of breath. But now, I'm just running up and down and feeling pretty good."

Denise has lost 25 pounds. She'll never forget the feeling of those extra pounds. "I hated it," she says, "I feel so much better now."

Heather has shed 27 pounds... something she never wants back. Even half the weight is tough. "If it were all of it, I'd be walking a lot slower already. I can already tell you I feel that stress right back on my knees and ankles."

For all our team members, knowing they only have to carry the extra weight for an hour means a lot less stress on their entire lives.

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