New requirements may cost too much for charter schools

TOLEDO -- Equal resources for equal education.

News 11's Tanieya Lewis has this Assignment Education report.

If the Toledo Academy of Learning looks like a factory to you, that's because it was one less than 10 years ago.

They took over one floor at a time as enrollment in the charter school rose.

Today it is a K- 6 community school with large classrooms, a computer lab and an outdoor playground. School Leader Judi Miller says, "We have everything that a traditional school has. It's just not in the traditional way."

Toledo City Council members want to toughen zoning requirements for new schools. The president wants each new school to have science labs, libraries, school gyms and lunchrooms.

Unlike public schools, Miller says charter schools don't receive money from tax levies, and they're not eligible for funding from the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

So as this factory runs out of floors, plans for growth are on hold while council waits for recommendations from the Toledo Lucas County Planning Commission. Miller says, "It seems like once again, we're being targeted... the community schools. It seems like once again, we're having to meet the same standards without the financial means that the traditional public schools have."

City Council member Michael Ashford, whose name was on the resolution, could not be reached for comment.

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