Nominate for Toledoan of the Year

The City of Toledo is accepting nominatins for Toledoan of the Year.

Toledoan of the Year is recognition of exemplary citizens whose selfless actions and outstanding achievements have made a lasting impact in the lives of Toledoans in 2007.

Here are the categories:

Humanitarian of the Year - An individual who in 2007 excelled in generously giving back to the community through volunteer efforts within Toledo-area agencies and organizations.

Innovation Award - A person whose new or original idea(s) or perspective has brought positive attention to the city.  Please describe what this service or product is, how it is innovative and how it has improved the community.   
Mentor of the Year - An individual who in 2007 has made a positive impact  on someone's life by going above and beyond their duties to enlighten and encourage.  This person can be a coach, teacher, parent, religious leader, employer, etc.

Business Community Investment Award - A person who has invested significantly in Toledo, through business or development and can include investment of resources such as products or time.  Explain how this investment has helped the community to flourish.
Leadership Award - An individual who has shown great leadership skills and decision-making ability within the community or a particular organization.  Please describe how this person has demonstrated leadership in 2007.

June 16, 2008

Posted by LS