WTOL Editorial: What you said about what I said about TPS

The editorial about Pickett Elementary School got me in some hot water with teachers. My words were interpreted as criticizing the teachers and administrators. In fact, I did applaud John Foley for trying something different after 8 years of failure.

Karma from Green Springs, just ripped me: "As a teacher of 20 years I have taken great offense...by placing the blame on the teachers this relieves you, the parents and the lawmakers of responsibility." Karma also described me with words like "repugnant, arrogant and poisonous."

Well, no one said that parents and students get a hall pass to avoid responsibility. But Foley can't dismiss the parents, and he can't give up on the students. So he changed what he could.

Kimberly of Fremont said, "As an 11-year veteran teacher I think parents should also receive training. They need to take responsibility for their child's education."

There were some emails that praised what Foley did by calling it a "proper action." And several raised the socio-economic issues that plague our inner city schools.

Many, many others railed against absent parents and disengaged students while rallying to defend the teachers.

This is a tough topic. Thank you for responding -- and for watching.

Posted by KO