Toledo parents charged with endangerment of 2-month-old infant

TOLEDO -- Police say a 2-month-old infant nearly died because his parents barely fed him.

The case went to a grand jury, and now those parents are facing felony charges.

News 11's Lisa Rantala reported live from the courthouse with the details.

The baby weighed eight pounds when it was born. But nearly two months later, the baby weighed only six pounds.

A Toledo block full of kids almost lost one because of what police say didn't happen in the Stebbins St. home.

Det. Blake Watkiss of the Toledo Police Department tells us, "I have to believe that this child was not far from dying."

It was discovered in January when police say 34-year-old Rosemary Spade and 45-year-old Gilbert Rangle asked a niece to babysit their five kids.

The niece told her mom something was drastically wrong with the six-week-old baby.

Det. Watkiss says, "(The baby) had a very unusual cry, and the eyes were rolling back in the head according to her as a witness. She said that when she went to touch (the baby), the skin was hanging on the kid like an Ethiopian."

So child services stepped in and forced Rangle to take his baby to the ER.

Det. Watkiss says, "The child had no buttocks. The buttocks were gone. It was just wrinkled skin." He started investigating, saying the underweight baby was the victim of severe malnutrition.

Spade denied the allegations. The Detective explains, "She said she fed it everyday with clean bottles and in the appropriate manner. She said that the child did get sick many times."

According to doctors, the baby suffered no sickness that caused him not to eat.

News 11 went to the couple's home. Rangle looked out his window, but never answered the door. A neighbor tells us, "Yeah, they were fine with the children. I didn't see them abuse them in any way."

Neighbors say they thought all the couple's kids were healthy and were surprised Spade and Rangle never went to the doctor when they noticed something wrong.

The couple is facing felony charges. Their kids are with relatives. We're told the infant still needs intensive care, but is back to a healthy weight.

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