EcoTrack 11: Science camp on Lake Erie

Wouldn't it be great if there were a learning center for kids that infused the fun of summer camp with the technology of a science laboratory?

Well now there is.

News 11's James Canterbury goes island hopping in Lake Erie to bring you this EcoTrack 11 report.

Ohio State University operates Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island in Lake Erie. It's a fascinating place where students of all ages come to learn about aquatic ecosystems.

Monitor Operator Matt Thomaserie tells News 11, "Get a hands-on look at what lake scientists or liminologists would look at when they are studying the lake."

The kids were getting hands on even before pulling up to shore. They look for water snakes, identify and observe bird populations, dissect native fish and search for microinvertibrates, which are especially important to wildlife in Lake Erie.

OSU Stone Lab Manager John Hageman says, "When you add up all the things that they find, you come up with a score which indicates poor, fair, good, or excellent water quality."

The quality is easy to see when students pull up nets brimming with aquatic life. They can get easily eight different species, or 200 fish in just ten minutes.

Underlining all of the activities is a singular goal. Showing them that Lake Erie is alive, and it is in their best interest to keep it that way.

Posted by LS