WTOL Editorial: Nice move, Superintendent Foley

Toledo Public School Superintendent John Foley recently took some tough action to fix three underperforming schools: Pickett, Fulton and Chase.

Foley removed every administrator and teacher from Pickett Elementary School. Pickett has been in academic emergency status and was not improving. The federal law and Foley's insistence on raising the performance level gave him all of the impetus needed to swing the axe.

He also mandated that all administrators and teachers at Chase and Fulton receive extensive training prior to next school year. I hope those people and everyone else got the message that it is a new day in town.

I applaud Superintendent Foley for having the courage to expect more. He wants educators to be better prepared to handle the difficult circumstances they encounter at such schools. It should now be clear he will hold them accountable.

I hope he continues to do so. The scores on the national standard tests are an embarrassment and should no longer be tolerated. The education of our children is serious stuff.

Maybe Foley can break the pattern of poor performing students by holding administrators and teachers responsible for the outcome of their work. What a concept.

Posted by KO