State leaders switch endorsement to Obama

Governor Strickland endorses Obama

Governor Ted Strickland issued the following statement Thursday afternoon, June 5.

"Today, I announce my wholehearted and enthusiastic support for Barack Obama for President of the United States.

Earlier today I talked with Sen. Hillary Clinton. I thanked her for her friendship and the strong effort she put forth in this historic campaign. I pledged to work with her to unify the party and to make sure that Barack Obama wins the presidency.

Ohioans have suffered as a result of the failed policies of the Bush Administration, including job loss as a result of rising fuel prices.  Ohioans desperately want real, meaningful change. And I believe Barack Obama will bring that change."

Previously, Gov. Strickland pledged support of Hillary Clinton. He was one of the first governors to support her early in the nomination race. When Clinton campaigned in Ohio, Strickland introduced her on stage. There was some discussion of Strickland as a possible VP for Clinton back in February.

CNN speculates VP possibilities for Obama

CNN lists Strickland on list of possible VP considerstions for Obama

Sherrod Brown endorses Barack Obama for president

Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown today endorsed Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) for president.

Brown, who successfully ran for U.S. Senate in 2006 on a progressive populist message, called Obama the leader to help rebuild the middle class.

"It has been my great pleasure to know and work with Senator Obama. It is my distinct honor to endorse him for president. I have long been impressed by his commitment to working families and our nation's underserved communities. He is a visionary leader and fierce advocate for change. Senator Obama knows, like so many Ohio families, that Washington has for too long been held in a death-grip of greed by powerful lobbyists. He knows that the failed policies of the Bush administration betrayed our middle class and devastated communities large and small. And he knows that we must rebuild our middle class if we are to thrive as a nation."

In Congress, Brown and Obama have worked together on legislation that would establish a Patriot Corporations Act, which would reward companies that create jobs in the U.S.; the FOREWARN Act, which would strengthen worker protections during layoffs; and have worked together on the Senate Veterans Committee as well as the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

"I know what it takes to win Ohio - a commitment to creating new jobs, promoting new industry, and a dedication to helping grow Ohio's middle class. Barack Obama has what it takes to win in my state and the nation. This is a pivotal election in our nation's history; a choice between a third Bush term and a new direction for our country. I look forward to helping Senator Obama win in November and I look forward to helping him lead our nation in a new direction."

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern endorses Obama

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement this afternoon:

"I am honored and proud to endorse Barack Obama for President of the United States.

Barack Obama has the courage, the passion and the ideas to unite this country and bring about real change in Washington.

For seven and a half long years, Ohioans have felt the sting of Washington's failures under George Bush and we will not stomach another four under John McCain.

Thanks to the steady leadership of Governor Strickland, the Ohio Democratic Party is organized, energized and strong.  As we unify behind Barack Obama, there is no doubt in my mind that his message of change will carry the Buckeye State in November."

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