Trees chip off a street battle in Point Place

POINT PLACE -- There's a street battle going on in Point Place along 119th St., between North Summit and Maumee Bay. The city is cutting down trees to widen the road, and that's angering some residents.

"How many places now in the city still have their boulevards? Not hardly any of them," complains Carol Kinsey who says she doesn't understand why it's so important to widen 119th St. and lose the intrigue of the boulevard leading down to a view of the bay.

The city will cut the boulevard down from 13 ft. to 7 ft. wide, and every tree inside of it has to come down. Even some trees in front of homes are marked for Splitsville.

As News 11 showed you last month, the city held a meeting to get residents' input on the plan. The majority supported it.

"Every time it rains I've got water, because the street isn't graded right. As I understand it, they are going to give us an extra foot, put new stones and better drainage," says John O'Brien.

Still, even those who support the idea are reticent.

"My entire background is on the environmental side and so the concept of tearing down a tree in any way shape or form is always troublesome. But the issue of safety is more overriding than that," explains Don Moline, commissioner of engineering services. He says if the trees stayed, road construction would undercut their roots, putting them at risk of falling onto homes.

Moline says the original design valled for the destruction of all of the trees on 119th St. That has been changed, and many trees have been saved.

Posted by KO