Weigh In To Win: Denise goes to summer camp

Schools out. Now it's time to look at ways to keep the kids busy.

News 11's Melissa Voetsch shows us one option that keeps them moving.

The YMCA summer camps are kicking off. One of the main goals of the program is to keep kids active over the summer.

Our Weigh In To Win team member Denise says, "It's something she wishes she would have had as a kid.

When Denise watches a group of kids having fun, one thing comes to mind. "I was always the chunky kid, the tall kid, the one that everybody made fun of and bullied when I was younger."

Like many kids facing that challenge, the stress turned into extra pounds. "I would steal cookies and then get in trouble," says Denise, then I'd have to eat the whole bag."

That chunky kid is long gone -- replaced by beautiful confidence.

Through the Weigh In To Win program, she's finally tackling the extra pounds successfully. But as Denise watches the fun on the gym floor here, she sees an opportunity for these kids to get a head-start on the process. "They can make new friends here. They can learn new activities. This is awesome. These kids are having a ball," she says.

The YMCA camps focus on getting kids moving through fun and games. There's hiking, biking and games that get them on their feet. It's a healthy change Denise hopes to share with the rest of her family. "I love to do things with the babies anyway... my nieces and nephews. So this would be very fun. They're all very active, and they would love something like this."

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