WTOL Editorial: Let experts handle intermodal issues

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner thinks the smart way to deal with intermodal issues is to waste six more weeks. In a bold move worthy of his economic development strategic vision, he's forming a committee. That oughta move us forward!

If northwest Ohio is going to become an international cargo distribution hub, we need good leadership. Three people come to mind: Jim Hartung of the Port Authority, Tony Reams from TMACOG and Rich Martinko from the Intermodal Transportation Institute.

These guys are professional transportation experts who have studied airports, seaports, rail terminals and highways all over the world. They have no personal money invested in the land or in a business that would profit from the projects. They have been meeting on this topic for more than two years.

This is their world. I think we should all get out of the way and let the real experts make this happen. We need to go forward with one voice and with one plan.

I hope the people asked by the mayor to participate in his committee say "no." It is such a sad and desperate attempt to take control and get all the credit. Any further time wasted on political posturing and petulant press conference antics is just foolish.