Severe weather hits Northwest Ohio

Tornado damage in Arcadia, Ohio.
Tornado damage in Arcadia, Ohio.
Homes, businesses and cars were damaged in Arcadia.
Homes, businesses and cars were damaged in Arcadia.
Viewer SEE SNAP SEND photo of storm damage Saturday morning.
Viewer SEE SNAP SEND photo of storm damage Saturday morning.

A very rough and dangerous start to the weekend here in northwest Ohio. The slideshow to the right of your screen shows viewer SEE SNAP SEND photos.

Fostoria hit by pre-dawn tornado

FOSTORIA, Ohio (AP) - A pre-dawn tornado has caused extensive minor property damage in Fostoria, but no injuries.

Lieutenant Brian Herbert of the Fostoria Fire Department confirmed that a twister touched down about 1:30 a.m. in the city of some 15,000 residents.

He says a number of power lines were cut by falling tree limbs and there were widespread reports of property damage - but no reports of injuries. After dawn, police, firefighters and other emergency workers were still inspecting the scene.

Hancock County

Witnesses say a tornado touched down in Arcadia, in Hancock County. The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed it. They are surveying the area. News 11's Colleen Wells reported live from Arcadia Saturday morning. Watch the featured video for a full report.

Putnam County

The Putnam County Office of Public Safety tells News 11 that a possible tornado touched down there Friday night. Eight homes were destroyed, as well as one business.

There have been no reports of any injuries. Everyone who has lost a home, has found shelter with family and friends.

Representatives from the national weather service are expected to arrive Saturday morning to determine if the damage was indeed done by a twister.


If you have photos of damage in your area, send them to Also, you can upload photos or video to SEE, SNAP, SEND. (You'll need to create a quick account to upload to SEE, SNAP, SEND.)

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We're continuing to follow this developing story. Check back for details and video.

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