Jet Express sets off from Toledo

TOLEDO -- It's a big day for the Marina District as the first major passenger vessel in more than a decade took to the waters there. The Jet Express made its maiden voyage this morning, leaving from the Marina District, heading to Put-in-Bay.

Passengers climbed aboard the vessel this morning for the 1 1/2 hour trip.

Although there were a number of empty seats, leaders are confident this is the start of new beginning for the marina.

Several passengers bought tickets just to be on the maiden voyage.

Marsha Zarecki is very excited. "This is so fabulous, Toledo is a major harbor and its so wonderful that we're starting to have more activity down here!"

The Jet Express is testing the popularity of the trip. If successful, it may become a more regular charter.

Click the video icons to see Colleen wells reports on on the maiden voyage.

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