Man flees police into Swan Creek

TOLEDO -- A police chase took a tragic turn Thursday night. A young man has died trying to escape from police.

It happened around 8:00 p.m. in Swan Creek at City Park Avenue.

Dive teams had to be called out when Benjamin Brewton jumped into the water and went under.

Brewton was trying to get away from police who stopped him because he was erratically riding his bike in traffic. When they asked him his name, he ran away from police and jumped into the water.

Toledo Police Sgt. Lee Kikolski says, "Apparently he tried to get across, didn't know it was deep. We put over the air that he went under water...called out fire, rescue...the dive team recovered the young man."

Crews tried to resuscitate him and took him to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Police tell News 11 they discovered Brewton was wanted on four outstanding warrants. They think that's why he ran away from officers when they stopped him.

Benjamin Brewton would have celebrated his 21st birthday next week.

Posted by N Dutton