EcoTrack 11: Eco friendly campers

More people are planning to spend their vacation time closer to home this summer.

News 11's Chris Vickers has some details on how you can keep it green in this EcoTrack 11 report.

Sales Manager Dennis Oswalt tells us, "With all of the metro parks, boating, fishing and other natural resources we have right here in the Lake Erie Basin, the great outdoors is becoming a sought-after vacation destination for area families. All American Coach in Toledo as a camping option makes a trip into nature a little easier on the environment."

It's a pop-up camper that is made completely of aluminum and plastic, instead of wood, which saves trees. This little guy can save you money while you are enjoying the natural world around you.

Oswalt says, "It can save them money. It can save them fuel. They can probably go a little farther distances than what they really wanted to do. Or they can go more often."

With today's rising gas prices, any savings in fuel economy is a good thing.

In the case of the Ranger four-cylinder, you're probably looking at 20 plus miles per gallon.

It's so small that a three-wheeled motorcycle can tow it. Because of it's size, it takes less than five minutes to set up.

So when you're out on the water, reeling in the big one, or walking through nature this summer, you can have an enjoyable family vacation while saving fuel and helping out the environment at the same time.

Posted by LS