WTOL Editorial: Mayor, bullying is not allowed at school

Mayor Finkbeiner, Toledo's economic bully, is at it again. Listen to this. The Marina District project can't move forward until the tax compensation agreement is approved by the Toledo Public School board.

This is an agreement that could potentially bring millions of dollars to the struggling district. However, the mayor waited until the 11th hour to hand-deliver the proposal to the board. The board said not so fast. They feel the district is being short changed. The mayor's proposal would only put $500,000 a year into TPS's account.

Now the mayor threatens to blame TPS for any derailment of the Marina District. In a letter from the mayor's general counsel it states, "We believe that TPS's proposal threatens the very future of the Marina District project."

On a project as big as this, the mayor still thinks it's ok to show up with a one-sided proposal, figuratively poke the other guy in the chest and tell him if something goes wrong, he's getting the blame.

Of course we want the Marina District to happen. I am sure with Superintendent Foley's guidance, a reasonable deal is possible. The mayor should be taken to task for handling this important step so poorly.

Posted by LS