EcoTrack 11: Maumee Bay Resort invites you to save energy -- with them!

Just two hotels in Northwest Ohio can call themselves a "Best Green Hotel" and Maumee Bay Resort is one of them, reports News 11's James Canterbury.

Being green at Maumee Bay started from the drawing board, says Jamie Mazzari, chief engineer with the resort.

"We're lucky here at Maumee Bay. We have a fairly contemporary modern building that was built with a lot of modern energy conservation features," Mazzari says.

They use the Internet to save on energy bills.

"We have the ability by way of the Internet to view and manage all of our cottages all of the furnaces and air conditioning," Mazzari says. The result is that they automatically use less energy when the guest rooms are empty.

Also, every video game and light source in some rooms shut off when nobody's there.

The staff also weighs the laundry, which lets them "know we have enough water in the machine. If you under fill it, you're wasting. If you overfill it, you're still wasting. So when you hit 60 lbs. ... the soaps are loaded just for that amount of linen so nothing is wasted," says Rosey Zakrzewski, executive housekeeper.

There are also recycling bins on the grounds as well as in every guest room on the property.

It's all of these little things that make Maumee Bay Resort one of the best green hotels in the country.

So you can feel good about spending your green on their green.

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