WTOL Editorial: Not backing down, Mayor

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon
WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

My editorial on providing city water to the north side of Airport Highway really stirred up the waters. Not surprisingly, Mayor Finkbeiner responded like an angry bully.

Both Brian Schwartz and Bob Reinboldt called to tell me how wrong I was. The Mayor then fired a letter off to City Council.

Toledo's economic development genius calls local developer Brian McMahon a businessman who wants to profit from Toledo water. Let's see, he's an investor who wants to make money in this market? Why should we support that?

Carty's right: We should run McMahon out of town on one of those rails he wants to connect to the cargo hub!

Sadly, this boils down to having control and taking credit.

Carty wants 100% of each.

Mayor Finkbeiner, you don't have the right to hold development in northwest Ohio hostage. Stop trying to make this such a one-sided bargain.

Be reasonable and get this deal done. If you don't, I hope the people demand to get it done without you.

Posted by KO