EcoTrack 11: Bellevue hospital going green

BELLEVUE, OHIO -- The last thing you wonder when you check into a hospital is whether it's eco-friendly.

But folks at the Bellevue hospital like to think they're on the cutting-edge of a green revolution and want you to know about it..

News 11's Dick Berry has details in this EcoTrack 11 report.

You can't tell from the outside, but the Bellevue hospital is green. A green team has started what they like to call a green initiative. Employee Mick Dwyer says, "Try to become green friendly to leave a better environment for the next generation."

The most obvious change in the fifty bed hospital is that linens -- if the patient agrees -- are changed every other day. More than 50,000 gallons of water will be conserved annually. In addition, 52 gallons of chemicals will not enter the ecosystem.

Employee Sue Mathews says, "I think we have to, as a whole hospital, become aware of our environment. It's a common topic around here."

What does patient Bob Stull think of the linen policy? "Every other day is OK," he says, "as long as it's not soiled or stained. I can't see any reason not to do it every other day."

The Bellevue Hospital has also become practically mercury-free. No mercury thermometers are used. Mercury light fixtures aren't either. Those new energy-savings curly light bulbs with some mercury inside are recycled. Employee Kathy Scheid explains, "We don't want the mercury to go to the landfill, which is quite dangerous as you know. Don't push it around on your desktop like we used to in school."

Batteries, cardboard, magazines and telephone books are also recycled. Aluminum cans are collected and donated to community organizations.

Employees at Bellevue Hospital hope that other hospitals will also start seeing green in their operations.

And it doesn't end there. Outside the hospital there's a tower that's collecting data for the next year. The results will determine if Bellevue hospital can be powered by wind turbines.

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