Court sides with MySpace in suit over sex assault

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The federal appeals court in New Orleans has absolved of liability in a civil suit over the sexual assault of a teenage girl.

The social networking site was sued by the family of the Texas teen. They argued that Myspace didn't protect her from a sexual predator. She was molested in a Texas parking lot by a 19-year-old she had met through the site.

But the court said that under a 1996 federal law, Myspace itself is not responsible for the content generated by third party users. The court also notes that the girl misrepresented herself as an 18-year-old. She was 13 when she signed up for Myspace and 14 when she met her attacker.

The ruling uphold's last year's ruling by a federal judge in Austin, dismissing the $30-million lawsuit.

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