My Story: WTOL viewers share how they're feeling the pinch

My Story: WTOL viewers share how they're feeling the pinch

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It's your turn to be the reporter. Tell us how the economy is affecting you. What changes have you made? What tips have you found? What have you made work, and what just isn't working out?

We'll post featured stories online in this Feeling the Pinch category.

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Candy, Maumee, Ohio -- I have noticed over the last year it getting harder for American's to make ends meet. A little over a month ago I saw a friend I hadn't seen in awhile and told her I would stop over her house soon. She pulled me a side and said "Candy, I don't think you know but we lost our home" (Her husband was injured and couldn't work.) It made me think most of us are 3 paychecks away for losing everything and it is getting closer to home. My friend looked broken and my heart broke for her. I can't help people financially, but I have always been pretty frugal. I started a website with frugal tips and ideas called  We are not alone and we can get through this tough time if we all work together.

Kathy from Toledo -- The economy is affecting me hard. I not only have to worry about rising gas prices, I also have the very high cost of propane. I don't think anyone is thinking about the families that need that to heat with it. It is ridiculous. It will cost me approximately $3,000 for heat this winter, and that is only about five months. We live in a 14x70 mobile home on our own property. I never thought we would ever have to worry about something like keeping your family warm. We have always managed to take care of our own, and now I feel like calling up our government and telling them to come and get it all because they are slowly sucking life out of us all anyway.

We are considering changing to all electric heat since we are unable to hook up to natural gas because there are no lines out by me. It seems pretty ironic that I have the Toledo Edison Power plant practically in my backyard and BP refinery two blocks away and we pay the prices we pay. This country is going down very, very quickly. I feely sorry for the next generation coming up. Thanks for listening.

Deb, 55, from Napoleon -- My health ins has increased, out of my pocket, from $50.00 a month to $250.00, husband not included.  His job is in jeopardy, several people have been let go already and another 130 by June 1st.  Nether one of us work in the town where we live, he in Archbold, myself in Defiance, $93.00 to fill both cars.  Between the two of us me make around $21.00 an hour, we based our budget on that and tried to save a little.  We have given up visiting family and friends that live out of town, haven't eaten out in months, can't help the kids if they get in a pinch, the healthy stuff at the grocery gets out of our price range more each week, need to go to the dentist but can't afford that, gave up the thought of ever retiring.  Everyone I know is pretty much in the same shape, we are the working poor.

Mary B. -- I have been looking for employment for over a year now, and have finally taken early retirement just to make ends meet.  One reason that I have been unable to find work is my age.  How do I know this;  well one interviewer had the nerve to ask "Why do you want to work, why not retire instead?"  I did not get the job.