News 11 Report: Top 5 Jobs in Demand

Everywhere you turn, it seems the economic news is bleak.

But what if you could still feel secure about your paycheck, knowing your job will weather the storm?

News 11's Brad Harvey reports the top five recession-proof jobs.

There are certainly some bright spots out there, and a great variety of different kinds of jobs. So we thought we'd point you toward some of the job categories that look safest in the years to come.

Green-collar fields

Well here's something you truly don't hear every day -- "We're looking for all kinds of engineers, machine builders, equipment builders and of course scientists." That's what Dr. Xunming Deng, the CEO of Xunlight Corp., tells News 11.

Somebody is hiring? Yes. You'll hear that more and more from people like Dr. Deng. The solar panel company is smack in the middle of one of the very best industries for weathering virtually any economic downturn. It's the environmental sector, and just about any field in the green collar world is expected to experience huge growth in the years to come, as business and industry rise to the challenge of combating global warming.

As a career counselor at the University of Toledo, Beth Nicholson has seen more and more people not just starting careers, but restarting careers. "We also have alumni coming back and wanting some assistance to either career change, with or without additional schooling, or just helping with branching out to a different type of company."

It's not a bad idea, if you find yourself in a slow-growth industry, to virtually start over in one of the fast growing, virtually recession-proof careers. So what are some others?


There's one industry that has nearly half of the top 30 fastest growing occupations. It's healthcare. Barb Gessel is human resources director for Mercy Health Partners. She says a lot of factors are responsible for the growth, not the least of which is the fact that we're all living longer. "With the Boomer Generation approaching retirement," she says, "there's going to be a larger population of our demographic that's in an older age group that typically requires more healthcare."

The U.S. Bureau of labor statistics says look for tremendous growth in each of the following:

  • physician assistants
  • physical therapists
  • medical assistants
  • medical records
  • home health
  • health information

The different kinds of opportunities are staggering. Gessel says, "Almost every profession is pulled into healthcare in some fashion. You think of accountants, attorneys, doctors, pharmacists, lab folks... so it goes beyond the traditional nursing and physician that people typically think of for healthcare."

Other recession-proof careers

Education. There's always a demand for good educators, although you may have to look beyond northwest Ohio, particularly at the faster growing sunbelt states.

The same is true in the security field. Not just police officers, but also experts in port and international security because of the ongoing threat of terrorism.

Believe it or not, the energy field is still expected to be huge. You'd expect that in alternative energy, but experts still expect growth in the gas and oil industries.

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