Special Mother's Day for Toledo military mom

Army Specialist Mike Lepkowski and his wife.
Army Specialist Mike Lepkowski and his wife.

TOLEDO -- It's a day to give moms that extra special treatment, because it's Mother's Day. However, this day has additional meaning for one mom in West Toledo.

Rob Wiercinski was able to sit down with one military mom and has her story.

For Roxanne Lepkowski, this Mothers Day means a little bit more to her.

She says she's received the best gift a mom can get. "To see my son, to see my son reunited with his wife, to know he came back safely."

This week, Roxanne was able to spend time with her son, Army Specialist Mike Lepkowski, who recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq.

"The first tour was 12 months, then he was home for a year, and then the second tour was 16 months, and that was very difficult on our family, and I think it was also very difficult for his wife, and on him as well," says Lepkowski.

Her Mother's Day present is a picture frame with a photo of her son and his wife of nearly a year.

The Lepkowski family has also received plenty of support from neighbors, who have decorated trees along their street with yellow ribbons and American flags.

"It means a lot to me to know that someone else is thinking of him and praying for him, I have many people at work and at church who have him in prayer groups," says Lepkowski .

While she feels extremely fortunate, Roxanne can't help but think about other military moms on Mother's Day.

"Other mothers from all the wars, some never knew where their sons went they never got them back, they never see them again."

 Rob Wiercinski reported this story on WTOL News 11.

Posted by N Dutton